Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oracle RAC 11.2 Linux Installation on VirtualBox -- Time Sync Is Not Working


You have noticed that system time is running too fast on each of the nodes in your Oracle RAC 11.2 installation inside guest Linux machine on VirtualBox.

Some research shows that it could be related as to VirtualBox release as well as to Linux kernel being used inside guest machine.


Disable IO APIC extended feature in system settings for virtual machines. Note that this change would probably make the virtual machine fail to boot. You can receive error:

"WARNING calibrate_APIC_clock: the APIC timer calibration may be wrong."

Also, by disabling IO APIC you will not be able to assign more than one virtual CPU to the virtual machine.

To prevent receiving the above error and to have the virtual machine to boot normally, add the following kernel boot parameter:

divider=10 nolapic_timer

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