Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Oracle Database 19.2 -- Database Open Hangs on Clear SRLs


Database open hangs after database duplication, or after switchover/failover operation. 

Messages reported in alertlog: 

TT04 (PID:339013): Sleep 640 seconds and then try to clear SRLs in 70 time(s)


This is a known bug fixed in 19.9 release 


Apply Patch 31747989, or

SQL> alter system set "_min_undosegs_for_parallel_fptr"=0 scope=both sid='*';

and restart database


  • Bug 31747989 - tracking bug for dependent fixes of first-pass transaction recovery (Doc ID 31747989.8)
  • After Switch /Failover Primary Instance Open hangs Because Of SRL Cleanup (Doc ID 2710349.1)

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