Monday, May 22, 2023

Oracle Database 19c -- Create an Oracle Wallet to Store SSL Certificates


You need to use an Oracle wallet to store Root CAs and/or Intermediate certificates to support SSL connections to web sites on the Internet


1) Create a wallet in a destination of choice: 

$ orapki wallet create -wallet <wallet_location>

Enter password:   
Enter password again:   
Operation is successfully completed.

2) Create an auto-login wallet to associate with the created wallet, to avoid the need to supply the wallet password every time when accessing resource. Though modifying the wallet will still require the wallet password:

$ orapki wallet create -wallet <wallet_location> -auto_login

Enter wallet password:   
Operation is successfully completed.

3) Add trusted certificates (Root CAs or Intermediate certificates) to the wallet:

$ orapki wallet add -wallet <wallet_location> -trusted_cert -cert <cert_file>

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