Sunday, January 29, 2023

Oracle GoldenGate 21c MA -- How to Remove an Integrated Extract from an Oracle Database


You want to remove a previously configured integrated extract from an Oracle database

The GoldenGate version used is 21c Microservices Architecture


1) Connect to the deployment as a privileged user:

GG (not connected) 1> connect https://localhost:34030 as sys !
Password for 'sys' at 'https://localhost:34030/gg_inst1': <enter password>

2) Log into the source database:

OGG (https://localhost:34030 gg_inst1) 2> DBLOGIN USERIDALIAS <alias>
Successfully logged into database.

Log into the downstream mining database in case one used:

OGG (https://localhost:34030 gg_inst1 as <alias>@<db>) 14> MININGDBLOGIN USERIDALIAS <mining_alias>
Successfully logged into database.

3) Stop Extract:

OGG (https://localhost:34030 gg_inst1 as <alias>@<db>) 32> stop extract <extract_name>
2023-01-29T10:04:26Z  INFO    OGG-08100  Extract group
<extract_name> is already stopped.

4) Unregister Extract:

OGG (https://localhost:34030 gg_inst1 as <alias>@<db>) 33> unregister extract <extract_name> database

5) Check Extract got removed from the database:

SQL> select * from dba_capture;
SQL> select * from dba_xstream_outbound;
SQL> select * from dba_apply;

6) Delete Extract from the GoldenGate configuration:

OGG (https://localhost:34030 gg_inst1 as <alias>@<db>) 34> delete extract <extract_name>
2023-01-29T10:51:19Z  INFO    OGG-08100  Extract group <extract_name> deleted.

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