Monday, January 30, 2023

Oracle Database 11g -- How to Perform Zero-Downtime Cross-Plaform Database Migration


You need to perform cross-platform database migration with minimal downtime

Source database is Oracle Database 11.2 on IBM AIX Power 64-bit

Target database is Oracle Database 19c PDB on Linux x86-64 platform


Use Oracle GoldenGate 21c Microservices Architecture for minimal-downtime cross-platform database migration

The steps include apply some required patches on the source database for proper working of GG Extract, in case downtime for the source database is not possible, then use a Downstream Mining database, which will be patched and prepared for data capture

1) Prepare the source database for data capture with Oracle GoldenGate, see:

2) Configure a downstream mining database in case downtime is not possible for primary database patching activity:

3) Start Extract with real-time capture on the downstream mining database:

4) Flush sequences if sequence replication has been previously configured:

OGG (https://localhost:34030 gg_inst1 as <alias>@<db>) 82> flush sequence <schema>.*
2023-01-29T16:20:09Z  INFO    OGG-15311  Successfully flushed <n> sequence(s) <schema>.*

5) Using Export DataPump, perform export/import of the database from the source to the target, use FLASHBACK_SCN option of expdp to have consistent export

Note the SCN number used for export/import operation, you will need to use this SCN to start Replicat after this SCN

6) After data has been imported, configure replicat at the target, see:

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