Thursday, January 9, 2020

Oracle Linux 7 -- Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11.2 Installation Fails with CRS-4124: Oracle High Availability Services startup failed


Installation of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster fails on the execution of the script:

[root@oelinux76 ~]# /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/
Running Oracle 11g script...
Adding daemon to inittab
CRS-4124: Oracle High Availability Services startup failed.
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.
ohasd failed to start: Inappropriate ioctl for device
ohasd failed to start at /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/crs/install/ line 443.


The root cause for this issue is that Oracle Linux 7 (RHEL 7 as well) has deprecated initd in favor of systemd, as a result init.ohasd will not start through /etc/inittab. init.ohasd needs to be set up as a service but does not handle this properly. 

This is documented in the Oracle Database 11.2 Release Notes:
The issue is tracked as Bug 18370031  - RC SCRIPTS (/ETC/RC.D/RC.* , /ETC/INIT.D/* ) ON OL7 FOR CLUSTERWARE
Solution is to apply patch 18370031 just before executing the script. 
The patch should be applied as:
<GRID_HOME>/OPatch/opatch napply -oh <GRID_HOME> -local <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/18370031
Applying patch 18370031 may fail with "Can't locate in @INC". This is Bug 18824047 - OPATCH AUTO FAILS "CAN'T LOCATE SWITCH.PM IN @INC "
Workaround is:
cp -p /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/perl/lib/5.10.0/  /usr/lib64/perl5
If applying the patch is not possible, a temporal workaround can be applied:
nohup etc/init.d/init.ohasd run &

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