Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oracle 11g R2 -- Check the Patchsets Applied to the Database using just SQL


You need to find out what patchsets (PSUs) have been applied to your database and what is the latest patchset (PSU) installed.

You don't have access to the console and/or to the OPatch tool.

You want to use just SQL to check the patchsets.




ACTION_TIME                     ACTION          NAMESPACE  VERSION         ID BUNDLE_SERIES COMMENTS               
------------------------------- --------------- ---------- ---------- ------- ------------- ------------------------
27-JAN-09 PM APPLY           SERVER         1 CPU           CPUJul2008             
15-MAY-10 AM CPU                                   6452863               view recompilation     
15-MAY-10 PM APPLY           SERVER         3 PSU           PSU         
15-MAY-10 PM CPU                                   6452863               view recompilation     
10-MAR-12 AM APPLY           SERVER         4 PSU           PSU         
10-MAR-12 AM APPLY           SERVER         7 OPSU          PSU        
07-JUL-12 PM APPLY           SERVER         8 OPSU          PSU        
21-MAY-16 PM VIEW INVALIDATE                       8289601               view invalidation      
21-MAY-16 PM UPGRADE         SERVER                       Upgraded from
22-MAY-16 AM APPLY           SERVER         8 PSU           PSU         

 10 rows selected

The COMMENTS columns will have additional information about the patchsets applied


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